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Welcome to the Gold Coast DataBase

  Elmina Castle, Gold Coast (Ghana)

Between the 16th and 19th century the Dutch were an important presence on the Gold Coast of West Africa, now the Republic of Ghana. They owned numerous forts in the coastal towns and developed a strong settlement in the town of Elmina, the Dutch headquarters from 1637 to 1872. Relations with the local communities and political leadership were trade-driven - including the Atlantic slave trade - but not entirely mercantile in their final form.

European men and African women struck up lasting relationships, that were both an expression of personal cross-cultural intimacy and a means to build a common social, economic and even political structure. More often than not these relationships were therefore sealed by way of local marriage practices and rituals as well as official Dutch regulations. The children from these marriages and their descendants had a special position on the Gold Coast. Often related to powerful local elite families on the one hand and with continued European bonds on the other, the so-called Euro-African population of the coastal towns played an important role in the development of the coastal urban communities of the Gold Coast.

The Gold Coast DataBase is the first attempt to bring together in a comprehensive way a large collection of biographical, genealogical and general historical data, as a resource for the study of the Euro-African elites of the Gold Coast, more particularly the Dutch-Ghanaian segment.

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The Gold Coast in 1890 - Collection of photographs brought together by Dutch merchant H.P.N. Muller during his trip to West Africa, visiting Elmina in April 1890.

Tuck's 'Oilette' Postcards of the Gold Coast - Collection of postcards from watercolours commissioned by the Gold Coast government for the Empire Exhibition at Wembley in 1924. Artist: Edith Cheesman.

Postcards of the Gold Coast - Collection of miscellaneous postcards with images from the Gold Coast.

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9 Jan 2011 - Started work on an integrated GCDB-Wiki system to complement the information in the DataBase, through articles and source publications. Project will be under development for some time.

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1 Jan 2005 - The Gold Coast DataBase first developed as an online system using The Next Generation genealogical software.