Gold Coast Post Cards   
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'Accra beach, Port Office and Jamesfort with Light-house. Gold-Coast, W.A.' Tinted photograph, inscription 1 October 1906.
Basel Mission Book Depot, Accra
Accra: Beach with Port Office and James Fort

'Produce in boat ready for shipment, Accra.' Tinted photograph, inscription 21 December 1923.
Basel Mission Book Depot, Accra .
Accra: Loading boats

'Surf boat on the Gold Coast, Accra, showing how traveller gets ashore there.' Colour drawing, undated.
Basel Mission Book Depot, Accra.
Accra: Surfboat

'Training Institution. Accra, Gold Coast W.A.' Photograph, undated.
Basel Mission Book Depot, Accra, No. 21.
Accra: Training Institution

Three images from Accra, Gold Coast: top left: 'The late King Taki of Accra'; top right: Accra - Beach';  bottom left: 'A Hausa man, seller of Curies'. Card marked No. 4122. Photographs, inscription 14 May 1903.
Basel Mission Book Depot, Accra, No. 26.
Accra: King Taki, beach, Hausa hawker

'338. Gold Coast. - Accra, Port-Office. S.C.O.A.' Photograph, undated.
Accra: Port Office

'Christiansborg Castle (Govt. House). Built by the Danes about 1657.' Photograph, undated.
Government Press, Accra.
Accra: Christiansborg Castle

'Accra, Gold-Coast West-Afrika.' Two churches of unknown denomination. Photograph, undated.
Johannes Haacke, Berlin S. 42.
Accra: churches