Gold Coast Post Cards   
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'8. Accra (Gold-Coast). Police headquarters.' Photograph, undated.
The Scottish Mission Book Depots, PO Box 125, Accra (Gold Coast).
Accra: Police Headquarters

'Accra, Gold Coast W.A.' View of Accra Central from high vantage point. Photograph, undated.
Basel Mission Book Depot, Accra, No. 26.
Accra: townscape

'Accra, Gold Coast W.A. - Bungalows.' Photograph, undated (bef. c. 1936).
Basel Mission Book Depot, Accra, No. 11.
Accra: Bungalows

'Ivory Trade, Accra.' Drawings of Accra Images of Accra, drawn from photographs. Undated (c. 1910?).
Gebr. Metz, Kunstverlags Anstalt, Tübingen.
Accra: Ivory Trade




'No. 76. Cape-Coast Castle. Built in 1652 by Swedes. Governmental offices.' Tinted photograph, postmark 24 November 1911.
Basel Mission Book Depot, Accra, No. 76.
Cape Coast Castle