Gold Coast Post Cards   
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'Cape-Coast-Castle, Gold-Coast, W.C. Africa.' View of the town (Castle Street) from the Castle wall. Overlooking Anglican Cathedral (left), Methodist Chapel (centre) and Fort William Light House (on hill). Photograph, undated.
Arnold Schlesinger, Hamburg.
Cape Coast: Castle Street

'Cape Coast', View of town from hill.  Photograph, undated.
Cape Coast: View of Town

'Cape Coast. Goldcoast, W.C. Africa 19'. Market scene. Photograph, undated.
Deutsch West Afrikanische Handelsgesellsch. m.b. H., Hamburg.
Cape Coast Castle, Market

'Cape Coast Castle', Guard on Parade. Photograph, postmark 11 September 1907.
Cape Coast, Guard on Parade

Card without printed caption or description. Title text is handwritten. Postcard dated 2 August 1918.
View of Cape Coast from Survey Bungalow.

'Elmina, Gold-Coast, West-Africa'. Three colour drawings after photographs. Top left: 'Roman Catholic Mission', top right: 'Elmina, view of the town (Stadtansicht)', bottom left: 'Elmina Castle'. Postmark and inscription: 26 October 1910.
Verlag v. Konrad Koberg, Wandsbek b/ Hamburg.
Gold Coast: Images of Elmina

'Elmina Castle No. 11'. Gold Coast. Photograph, undated.
Wesleyan Methodist Book Shop Depots, Cape Coast, Gold Coast.
Elmina Castle

'Elmina Castle No. 9.' Photograph, inscription 3 April 1948.
Wesleyan Methodist Book Shop Depots, Cape Coast, Gold Coast.
Elmina Castle