Images of the Gold Coast (West Africa), 1870-1890   

Parade Ground Elmina

Parade Ground Elmina Object Name: Parade Ground Elmina
Code: 0002 4056
Category: Castle St. George and the town of Elmina

The so-called Parade Ground in front of the castle of St. George d'Elmina (facing West). Until 1873, the original African town of Elmina was situated on this terrain, housing circa 15,000 inhabitants. Just over a year after the transfer of the Dutch possessions to Great Britain, the British bombarded and burnt the town. This was a punitive action against the population of Elmina, because of their continuing protest against the British government. In the action no one was wounded, as the inhabitants had been warned beforehand. After the bombardment, the British did not allow any building in the area. Up to this day it is an open space.