Images of the Gold Coast (West Africa), 1870-1890   

Family group of women

Family group of women Object Name: Family group of women
Code: 0002 4048
Category: People from Elmina

Three portraits of Elmina women, unidentified
3. Possibly a family group of three generations of women, formal portrait.

This set of three portraits is not identified by Muller. Possibly he regarded the portraits of women in traditional dress as ethnografic curiosities. The compositions of the portraits indicates, however, that these are photo's made for the use of the depicted persons themselves.
The young woman shows her virginity by showing her bared breasts. A portrait like this was often made in well to-do circles to commemorate the engagement of the girl in question. The group portrait of two women and two girls seems to be a family group of three generations (grandmother, mother, daughters).