Images of the Gold Coast (West Africa), 1870-1890   

Group 'embassy of the Ashanti at Elmina'

Group 'embassy of the Ashanti at Elmina' Object Name: Group 'embassy of the Ashanti at Elmina'
Code: 0002 4044
Category: People from Elmina

Group portrait described as "embassy of the Ashanti at Elmina"

Group of thirteen men wearing cloth, with a central figure who is seated and with a staffbearer in front of him, known as the "Okyeame" or interpreter. From the seventeenth century onwards, Elmina had had reprentatives of the Ashanti government within its boundaries; this could be one of these. However, the way in which the cloth is worn (across the shoulder), as well as the somewhat impoverished look of the group, make Muller's description doubtful.