Images of the Gold Coast (West Africa), 1870-1890   

The fort St. Anthony at Axim

The fort St. Anthony at Axim Object Name: The fort St. Anthony at Axim
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Category: The firm of H. Muller & Co. in West Africa

3. The fort St. Anthony at Axim

This fort was Dutch property from the 17th century until 1872. Together with Elmina and Accra, Axim belonged to the most important Dutch trading posts in the era of the Atlantic slave trade.
Axim was the first location on the Gold Coast Muller visited. In a letter Muller described how he became angry at the view of Axim, as it reminded him of the, in his eyes, unjustified sale of the Netherlands Possessions on the Coast of Guinea to Great Britain eighteen years before. In 1872 Muller's father, Hendrik Muller Sz., had fulminated against the transfer in his capacity as Member of the Upper House of Parliament.