Tuck's 'Oilette' Postcards of the Gold Coast, 1924   

A Native Court on the Gold Coast.

A Native Court on the Gold Coast. Object Naam: A Native Court on the Gold Coast.
Beschrijving (Caption):
Series I-1
Native Court. A scene depicting the trial of an offender by the Head Chief of the person’s tribal division. The chief is surrounded by his counselors.
Guggisberg's text:
'...picture showing the Head-Chief of Juabeng [Dwaben] administering justice in his native tribunal. To those who have never been out of England I think that the witness-box and prisoners' dock will go far to reveal the progress made in this country. The court crier with the gold plaque on his head, the Chief in his beautiful crimson robe, the fetish symbols over head, the state sword, and the great umbrella of state, all go to mix up old and new customs in a bewildering fashion. Perhaps not the least attractive touch of the picture are the predatory chickens in the courtyard' (Guggisberg, Gold Coast News, no. 25).