Tuck's 'Oilette' Postcards of the Gold Coast, 1924   

Cape Coast Castle. Gold Coast.

Cape Coast Castle. Gold Coast. Object Naam: Cape Coast Castle. Gold Coast.
Beschrijving (Caption):
Series V-5
Cape Coast Castle, Gold Coast. Cape Coast Castle is one of the oldest of the British Settlements on the Gold Coast and prior to the removal of the seat of Government to Accra was the Residence of the Colony's Government.
Guggisberg's text:
'... 300-year old building which the Swedes started in 1623, and which was held until 1850 by the Danes. The water-colour showing the approach along the red road, with the gleaming white walls of the battlements seen through the graceful coconut palms, is a charming picture, and the touch of the real artist comes in in the shadows of the early evening lengthening across the road. Without those shades what a bald foreground it would be' (Guggisberg, Gold Coast News, no. 25).