Tuck's 'Oilette' Postcards of the Gold Coast, 1924   

A Manganese Mine in the Gold Coast

A Manganese Mine in the Gold Coast Object Naam: A Manganese Mine in the Gold Coast
Beschrijving (Caption):
Series I-4
Mining. The Mine was discovered by the Government Geologist in 1915 at the time when the allies were in great need of Manganese. Five million steel helmets were made from Manganese steel during the war.
Guggisberg's text:
'The rich red colouring of the face of the manganese ore mines at Nsuta, the deep browns and greys of the piles of ore on the right lend an artistic touch to the busy scene of everyday work of sweating miners and rattling trucks. This manganese mine is a romance. It was only discovered in 1915, just at the moment when Britain was crying out for manganese to make the steel with which to beat down the enemy - the steel to make the shrapnel helmets for our soldiers all over the world. it was opened up at once, and in twelve months was sending home some 30,000 tons a year. To-day it is exporting over 200,000 tons' (Guggisberg, Gold Coast News, no. 25).