Tuck's 'Oilette' Postcards of the Gold Coast, 1924   

The Fort. Coomassie. Gold Coast.

The Fort. Coomassie. Gold Coast. Object Naam: The Fort. Coomassie. Gold Coast.
Beschrijving (Caption):
Series II-5
The Fort at Coomassie. This fort is the one which was held by a handful of Europeans and African troops for over 100 days during the Ashanti War of 1900; the Garrison being ultimately relieved by the forces under the command of Sir James Wilcocks.
Guggisberg's text:
'Leaving the Colony, we come to Ashanti where the oil painting of the old Fort at Coomassie nestling amongst its palms and brightly coloured shrubs and looking a very different place to what it was during the siege of 1900 - will arouse many recollections among the retired members of our Civil Service' (Guggisberg, Gold Coast News, no. 25).