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List of governors-in-chief of the Dutch Gold Coast, 1611-1872. Over time, the exact title held by the highest Dutch official changed several times:

  • 1675-1798 director-general (directeur-generaal)
  • 1798-1810 governor-general (gouverneur-generaal)
  • 1810-1815 commandant-general (commandant-generaal)
  • 1815-1819 governor-general (gouverneur-generaal)
  • 1819-1838 commander (kommandeur)
  • 1828-1872 governor (gouverneur)

Until 1798, the acting governor-in-chief held the title of president (president), after the position of president of the Council which he factually filled. After 1798 the prefix 'acting' (waarnemend) was used.

In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the official in charge of the forts Nassau at Mouri, Crèvevoeur at Accra, and St. Anthony at Axim held the courtesy title of governor (gouverneur), in view of the importance of those establishments.


List of colonial heads of the Dutch Gold Coast on Wikipedia (EN).

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